To be eligible for a return or exchange, your item must be unopened and in the original condition that you received it. You have 48 hours from the day you received your items to review, and if necessary, return or exchange your purchase from EXECUTIVE SUPPLEMENTS.

It is your responsibility to return the item(s) to EXECUTIVE SUPPLEMENTS with tracking confirmation for your return postage. To complete your return, email us at EXECUTIVE SUPPLEMENTS and request to return the items. All items must be mailed to our returns warehouse. Keep in mind, returned items are subject to inspection and restocking fees of $2.50 per order plus $0.20 per item within.

Hurry Hub Fulfillment

16 S Pennsylvania Avenue

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



There are certain situations where returns and exchanges will not be accepted:

- *Any item not in its original condition, is damaged, or tampered with.*
- *Any item that is returned more than 7 days after accepting delivery without prior communications with our team.*

In certain cases, we will need to explore the Refund Policy if applicable. Please ensure to discuss any cause with our customer support team in order to find the best resolution.