Your Own Supplements! - Just Think About It

We all know how beneficial dietary supplements are. We are offering you a unique opportunity to make small or big quantities of your chosen dietary supplements with your custom design – from 12 pieces onward.

You can choose among 80+ different dietary supplements,ranging from health improvement to sports supplements, from vitamins to libido boosters.

All the dietary supplements are made in the USA in an FDA Registered Facility using Good Manufacturing Practices(GMPs).

Your Personal Brand

Surprise your loved ones with family vitamins, including chewable gummies for kids. Give your spouse a hint with his or her's libido boosters. Does your household include someone with joints pain, cardiovascular challenges, prostate or liver issues…
Are you an active family and would benefit from taking extra vitamins and other sport-related supplements.

The list is endless…

Send us your family crest and/or slogan, your own picture, your family picture, picture of your family home or of favorite pet…

We will make the label design for you, free of charge.
After you confirm it we will pack, label, and ship your supplements to you.

Your Business Brand

Every business has two audiences: employees and customers.
You should be taking good care of both.

Choose the right dietary supplement for your business and turn it into a very useful, thoughtful gift. With more than 80+ available dietary supplements we are sure you can find a few…

You can choose supplements that help them improve their immunity, relieve their stress and anxiety, benefit their cardiovascular system... Or you can move away from health towards beauty (hair, nails, skin-related products) and sports (proteins, amino acids…).

Send us your logo, color information, slogan and we will make the label design for you, free of charge. After you confirm it we will pack, label, and ship your supplements to you.

List of Available Dietary Supplements

Adrenal Support
Adult Multi-Vitamin Mixed Flavor Gummies
Adult Probiotic Gummy
Advanced Defense – Immune Support
Advanced Respiratory
Amino Energy Raspberry Iced Tea
Anti Wrinkle Formula
Anti Wrinkle Formula
Antioxidant Plus
Apple Cider Vinegar + Cayenne Pepper
Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy
Ascorbic Acid Powder
Ashwagandha Root
BCAA Fruit Punch
Beauty Boost Powder
Biotin Gummy, 2,500 mcg
Blood Pressure Assist
Blood Sugar Maintenance
Candida Cleanse
Children's Multi-Vitamin Gummy
CLA Complex
Clarity Factor Brain Support
Coffee Breakfast Blend, Ground
Coffee French Cafe, Ground
Coffee High Caffeine, Ground
Colon Cleanse
Day Lotion
Daytime Metabolism
Deep Sleep Support
Digestive Enzymes
Elderberry C Immunity
Elderberry Gummy
Exfoliating Cleanser
Extend Male Enhancement
Eye Wrinkle Gel
Fiber Gummy
Grey Away
Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies
Healthy Hair Essentials
Healthy Joints
Heart Healthy
Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides with Biotin
Immune Booster with Advanced Virus Defense
Immune Support
Keto Collagen, Vanilla
Krill Oil
Liver Support
Maximum Muscle
Mind Mixture Powder
Moringa Leaf Powder Capsules
Mushroom Boost
Night Cream
Pre-Workout Formula, Energy & Focus Lemonade
Pre-Workout Fruit Punch
Pre-Workout Pink Lemonade
Probiotic & Prebiotic Powder, 7.5g serv sz/150g
Probiotic 50 Bil CFU
Probiotic Advantage
Prostate Support
Shed Fat Burner
Stress Rest
Thyroid Support
Tranquility – Calming
Turmeric with Bioperine
Vegan Vitality
Vitamin C+
Vitamin D3 with K2
Weight Loss PM
Whey Protein, Chocolate
Whole Food Multivitamin
Women's Libido

Customized Supplements FAQ

Q: How do I get started?
A: The best way is to email us at and we can discuss your vision.

Q: Is there a minimum order? How hard is it to get my private label going?
A: You can get started with private labeling from as little as 12 pieces per product and you can order pretty much all of the items you see on our website.

Q: How do I get the packaging (jars, bottles, lids, etc.)? Do you handle that?
A: Yes. Typically you will private label your product in the packaging that we currently use and this is included in the private label price.

Q: How do I choose the products I want to private label?
A: We offer all of our existing product formulas under Private Label.

Q: What about product labels for my brand? How does that work?
A: We will design your labels or you can do it. We then print the labels, put them on products and ship labeled products to you.

Q: How long does it take?
A: Once the label design step is completed and approved by you, your products will be ready and shiped out in three days.

Q: Can I send my own jars/containers/labels to you and you finish filling the product for me?
A: No, we do not ptovide filling service.

Q: Can you manufacture large orders?
A: Yes, we have a large manufacturing warehouse facility and can expand as your line expands.

Q: Do you formulate custom products?
A: We are not doing custom formulations at this time.