Table of Contents

Chapter 1: You Can Control How Fast (or Slowly) You Age
But How Do You Slow Aging?
Toxins, Cell Damage and Heart Problems

Chapter 2: Fine Tuning Your Mental Clarity on a Daily Basis
Cognitive Decline With Old Age
Increasing Brain Energy and Mood With Nutrition and Nootropics
Mood and Learning
Increasing Learning, Interest and Memory With the Right Lifestyle

Chapter 3: Staving Off Depression to Prevent Wrinkles and Disease
How Stress Ages You
Introducing: telomeres
How to Manage Stress

Chapter 4: Keeping Your Body Active and Mobile
One Rule: Move!

Chapter 5: Preventing Your Age From Showing Up on Your Face
Protecting Your Skin With the Right Nutrients
The Best Diet for Looking and Feeling Younger
Eat a Lot or Eat a Little?
Skin Care for Anti-Aging
Creams and Other Products

Chapter 6: Helping Your Hair Hang Onto Its Youthful Appearance
How to Avoid Aging Hair
Combating Grey Hair
Fighting Hair Loss

Chapter 7: Keep Your Hands Looking Younger Over Time
Protecting Your Hands

Chapter 8: Treating the Embarrassing Issue of Incontinence
What Causes Incontinence in Old Age
How To Treat It

Chapter 9: Sexual Dysfunction
Hormonal Changes

Chapter 10: Preventing and Treating Other Common Ailments of Aging
Conclusion and Summary